Privacidad cero

Pronto no tendremos derecho a la privacidad pues para algunos gobiernos, todos somos criminales en potencia.

Abenomics fails to resolve Japanese crisis

The past three months tell us that the panorama of the world system is daily more preoccupying. Both for the geopolitical tensions in Syria, as well as the economic tendencies that touch the recession.

There are political prisoners in Mexico, reports the UN

For the first time the United Nations states that Mexico imprisons for political motives. It reports of the case of Baños Rodríguez, Human Rights Defender, arbitrarily, detained in 2013. The organism demands his “immediate release”.

Mexico City: The Biometropolis Project is revived despite dispute over landownership

A private megaproject worth over 23 billion pesos, assisted by the Government of the Federal District (GFD) is being developed in the last remains of the southern district of the Pedregal of Mexico City. This happens in spite of a judicial warrant that prohibits the construction, as there allegedly are three owners fight for these 71 hectares.

Mexico: The Intelligence Services (CISEN) infiltrated in the General Archives of the Nation

Entrenched inside the Corridor No. 1 of the Archive, the civil intelligence agency controls all the archives of the Dirty War. Having won on the battlefield, the CISEN is strengthening the padlock to deny access to the documents.

Iguala: The route and complicity of heroin

The files at the ministerial archives of the case of the 43 disappeared rural normal school students of Iguala have already shown, at least the existence of a transnational organization dedicated to the racking of heroin from the southern State of Guerrero up to different cities of the United States. A permanent operation of racking of drugs and money could only have taken place with the complicity that surpasses the local authorities.

Mexico: The organized crime under impunity

For the time being in the current administration the Attorney’s General Office (PGR) has started only 2,803 investigations of organized crime; among them only 84% for crimes against health. Mexico is the world’s third producer of opium and main exporter of methamphetamines to the United States.

Over 7 thousand have disappeared women in Mexico

Until today at least 7,185 women remain in the condition of disappeared person. Almost half of them are under 18 years. 52% of the cases occurred during the current administration.

Drug Trafficking: the other structural reform

The Cartel of Sinaloa, currently with a clear path to subdue or annihilate the others. El Chapo and Caro Quintero are free to undergo the mission to end the war or cartels and to establish a “pax mafiosa”.

The counter-reform of michoacán’s indigenous university